Mulberry Colburn Associates' corporate finance division
can help you at every stage of the corporate process.

Mulberry Colburn Associates’ experienced financial advisory team consists of financial experts and economists, and are able to advise each of our clients on a wide range of corporate finance issues. Our team of experts are able to assist you with a number of corporate finance problems, including capital structure, capital restructure, risk management, M&A structuring, distribution policies, credit linked market solutions, liquidity management and more.

When planning a corporate transaction, there are many complex risks to consider, alongside a great potential for rewards. In the ever evolving competitive industry you need to be working with a financial advisory house that can assist you with identifying risks, key issues and present to you solutions and advice that will be of benefit to your planned actions. Mulberry Colburn Associates’ corporate finance division are more than equipped to assist you through all stages of corporate action. We are dedicated to bringing our clients top of the range service, by showing them unique well researched ideas and timely execution of those ideas. Mulberry Colburn Associates’ team of industry experts always remain focused and dedicated to providing business solutions to each of our clients.

Over the years of service, we have gained extensive experience in the industry as an arranger and financial services advisor for capital raising of corporations, divestitures of public and private companies, equity capital raising, privatization of companies, and for the development of partnerships and joint ventures that are mutually beneficial for the companies involved.

We have always prioritized
our clients' corporate needs.

Mulberry Colburn Associates have been at the forefront of our clients corporate needs, and have represented our clients in a large number of ways including;

  • Financial advisor for clients, in the creation and execution of merger, acquisition and divestiture strategies.
  • Researching, identifying, and communicating with potential buyers, or acquisition targets
  • Discerning valuation criteria and ranges for takeovers
  • Developing alternative strategies and assisting in appropriate alternative actions
  • Arranging financing for potential buyers, consisting of a number of debts and equities
  • Structuring planning, and negotiating trade transactions
  • Structuring internal mergers and acquisitions, management and employee buyouts
  • Locating, vetting, and performing initial discussions with potential buyers/sellers
  • Planning and executing the preparation of confidential information
  • Coordination of the tax, legal, accounting and other closing related activities